As we continue to carefully assess the success of our clients, we learn more about how to improve our clients experience in our programs and beyond. The results of these assessments allow us to prove the impact your contributions have on those we serve. Simultaneously, this information allows our staff to continually improve program efficiencies so that your donations are used in the most effective way possible. 


PROGRAM FEES & RENT                                       $11,240,791
CONTRACT REVENUE                                           $23,816,137
FUNDRAISING                                                         $5,809,135
OTHER                                                                       $511,877
TOTAL REVENUE                                                    $41,377,940



HOMELESSNESS AND HOUSING                        $12,352,141
CHILDREN AND YOUTH                                       $15,015,082
AGING SUPPORT                                                     $1,459,299
BEHAVIORAL HEALTH                                           $223,011
REFUGEE AND IMMIGRANT                                 $830,909
AUXILIARY                                                                $4,312,580
TOTAL PROGRAM & SERVICES                            $34,193,022
ADMINISTRATION                                                  $4,329,718
DEVELOPMENT                                                       $1,199,199
TOTAL EXPENSES                                                   $39,721,939

EXCESS OF REVENUE OVER EXPENSE             * $1,656,001

*Please note includes funds restricted or designated for future periods.

Catholic Charities sound financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency has earned us a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator.

Financial Statements are audited by RINA Accountancy Corporation. For more information, visit our Charity Navigator profile or review our FY16 audited statements at